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Some of the most exciting things of Bantu Fest are the following:

     Food Experience

With food from over 30 different countries, Bantu Fest is the largest multi-cultural festival in Chicago. The festival features food from different parts of America, Africa (with countries like: South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal etc..); the Caribbean (with countries like: Jamaica, Belize, Haiti, Puerto Rico etc..); And south America (with countries like: Brazil, Mexico, Colombia etc..) 

  Cultural Experience

Cultural exchange is one of the main goals of Bantu Fest - Bridging the Gap! With over 90,000 people expected at Bantu Fest 2020, Bantu Fest has become the biggest diverse event in Chicago. Bantu Fest attracts thousands of local residents, tourists, and visitors each year.

Another aspect of Bantu Fest's diversity are the multiple vendors coming from over 50 different countries.

   Musical Experience

Bantu Fest is well known for it's diverse music, Djs and live bands. We feature over 40 different live bands, music groups, dancers and dancers coming from over 20 different countries to make you have  the best  diverse musical experience of your life.

The diversity in music makes Bantu Fest a cultural celebration, and a one of a kind experience for thousands of families.

Children   Village

Our children village features several fun activities such as: drum & dance classes, face painting, bouncy house, paintings, games, and more learning and fun activities. 

Because we love the children and they are the future, we aim to make them learn and experience the different cultures. That's the reason why we keep it free entrance for children 11 and under.

Beer & Wine


Bantu Fest is well known for it's diversity in products & merchandise. That includes our variety of beers. Over the past years, not only have we featured local beers, we also featured imported beers and wine from other countries.

We are open to work with beer and  wine companies for 2020. By working with us, you will reach a very diverse clientele and advertise your products to over 50,000 people.

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